Kaus in L.A.! exhibition at Arena 1 Gallery Santa Monica, L.A. 29th Oct – 27th Nov

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laflyerdefKaus in LA

October 29- November 26, 2016

Opening October 29th 5 pm-9 pm
3026 Airport Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90405

“Arena 1 Gallery is pleased to host Kaus in LA, a group exhibition centered on an ongoing residency exchange between Los Angeles and Rotterdam. The exhibition will feature six permanent artists from the Rotterdam based artist’s initiative and residency program Kaus Australis, including: Wietse Eeken, Sandro Setola, Babette Kleijn, Karin Suter, Dineke van Huizen and Chris van Mulligen.

These artists’ works will be joined by a one-room installation documenting and showing the works and or souvenirs of former Kaus Australis artists-in- residence and curators-in-residence from Los Angeles who attended the program from 2002-2016
The exhibition is curated by Carl Berg who initiated the Los Angeles – Kaus Australis residency program in 2002 with founding members Dineke van Huizen, Chris van Mullligen and Nic Bezemer. Over the 14 years of the residency program, Carl Berg has acted as liaison to Kaus Australis finding artists and curating the program in which over 70 artists have now participated. So far this exchange has generated very favourable opportunities for the LA based artists who have been able to get in touch with the Dutch and European art scene through their stay in the fabulous environment of Kaus Australis.

Now we want to give the artists who run Kaus Australis the unique opportunity to show their works to a large audience in the LA art scene, one of the most booming art scenes globally right now. The aim is to promote their works in Los Angeles, celebrate 14 years of cultural exchange and strengthen the ties between the Dutch and LA art scenes.”

This exhibition honors not only the residency program itself and the ongoing dialogue it has enabled between two differing cultural worlds, but more so aims at grouping works by the individual artists that have run the program over the years. Wietse Eeken, Sandro Setola, Babette Kleijn, Karin Suter, Dineke van Huizen and Chris van Mulligen are all practicing artists working in different media and for most in the group it will be their first exhibition in Los Angeles. Their work varies in style and concept and will give the visitors to the exhibition a diverse look into the Dutch and Rotterdam art scenes. 5 out of 6 artists have proposed to make new site specific works which is not only part of their practice but also paralels the idea of a residency like Kaus Australis and what it has offered LA-based artists over the years; to experiment, expand and make new works inspired by a new environment.

Likewise, the large space of Arena 1 will be completely to their disposal to show and make new works, most of which will be site specific and/or dealing with the space and environment of Arena 1 and possibly their LA experiences.
The Los Angeles based artists will present a mix of artworks, ephemera and photographs documenting their stay at the residency program. This mix of objects will be featured in a one-room-installation curated by Carl Berg: a survey of LA’s history at the residency since 2002.

click here for a press release including more info on all participating artists.

Made possible by support from CBK ROTTERDAM