72m² (8x 9m ), height 4-6m, € 380,- per month.


120m² (8x15m), height 4-6m, € 480,- per month.


44m² (8×5.50m) height 2-3.30m, € 330,- per month.


120m² (8x15m), height 4-6m, € 480,- per month.

Four studios are continuously available for guest artists from the Netherlands and abroad. Six local artists-members have their private studios inside the building. An alternating team of members manage the foundation and the residency program. Team members support the residents intensively on all levels of their profession. Kaus Australis primarily seeks to offer optimized studio space for visual artists to concentrate on their artistic development and the presentation of their work. On the other hand the shared facilities and the available local and global networks create possibilities to meet and exchange. Kaus Australis provides introduction within the artistic community of Rotterdam and contacts with organizations and institutes in Holland which present, facilitate or support art.

The separate studios can easily be connected into larger exhibition spaces. From 1997 Kaus Australis organizes presentations of individual artists and incidentally initiates larger exhibitions or events. As a non-profit artist-run organization Kaus Australis lets low prized studios. In the past Kaus Australis maintained exchange programs with Barcelona, Cologne and Lille. Over the last decade, structural connections with Basel, Los Angeles and Tokyo have developed. In case of an exchange program the Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam (CBK), Embassies or other subsidizers finance the residency of Rotterdam artists abroad in which external juries are involved.


Paid by host:

Stichting Kaus Australis functions as a non profit organization. This means that all income generated by the residency is used in maintaining an operational residency organization and used to cover direct costs resulting from hosting and collaborating with residents. Kaus Australis does not offer financial support or sponsorship in monetary means.

All prizes are considered for one person living and working in one studio. For 2 artists living and working an additional € 50,- per month will be charged. For short-staying guests of guest-artists a fee of € 5,- per night will be charged.

Including :

  • Use of basic furniture and common facilities.
  • Basic electricity (strip light).
  • Wireless internet access.
  • Washing machine.
  • Bicycle with lock.
  • Energy costs and heating.


  • Use of telephone, fax, computer.

A deposit of € 70,- has to be paid once at the start of the working period to cover eventual costs and will be refunded at the end of the stay.

Important Notice: Due to uncertainty about the continuation of Kaus Australis’ activities on the current location, applications for the AIR Programme have been suspended untill further notice.