Maia Gusberti, Fragments of a City Without a Map, 2011/2012, Video HD, 8.30 min. with sound and subtitles.
Maia Gusberti

 Imaginary Spaces – Urban Cartographies – Memory – Translation

Join us for 

an event providing insight into the working processes of our current guest artists
Maia Gusberti and Wim van den Toorn.
Held in our hospitable, and unique location at Kaus Australis 
Sunday March 20, 2016
Fresh drinks and warm food will be served.

Maia Gusberti‘s work focus on the relation between image and imagination. She questions the image as a projection surface, as a trigger or repository of collective and individual imaginative space. Urban space serves repeatedly as a source of Gusberti’s investigations: to observe her subjective perceptions, to dig into the collective unconscious.
 She predominantly works with video, photography and black and white laser copy. She transforms and translates an image from one medium into another, leading to multiple conditions of the image within this process. On the basis of fragmentation, recomposition and restructuring of collected imagery Gusberti intertwines the personal with a more common narrative and history to evoke connotations that open a space for reinterpretation and possible remodelling. The photographic image becomes a contemplative space of reflection and critical thinking, beyond the boundaries of the still frame and its framing.

Wim van den Toorn 

‘To know where you’re going, you have to know where you come from’

Wim van den Toorn (1969) is trained as a painter at the Academy of Fine Art (AKI) in Enschede. In 2008 he moved from Amsterdam to Western-Norway. He has his studio at the international Artist-in-Residence Kunstnarhuset Messen in the beautiful Hardanger region. For the most part his work consists of paintings, oil and acrylic. After earlier inspiration by the architecture and cool atmosphere of the Scandinavian landscape, his inspiration recently returned to the congestion of the urbanized world. Now he is back for 3 months in his ancestral Rotterdam. His project here pivots around his quest to find his artistic and individual roots and what it means to live cut off from them.
below: Wim van den Toorn, De Hef (gold), Silkscreen print, 2015