About the artists:

Name: Lukas Schneeweiss
born where? Vilsbiburg, Germany, 1979
studied where? Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe
doing what? Combining just a little bit of everything with a lot of nothing
interested in what? Simplicity, qualities and imagination
working on what? Ongoing and upcoming exhibitions
staying how long at Kaus Australis? 6 months, April – September
going where after? Karlsruhe, Germany
thanks to: Stipendium from Atelier Mondial (Basel/Switzerland)

Name: Margré Steensma
born where? Sint Annaparochie, 1989
studied where? KASK Ghent, Belgium
doing what? Sculptures and installation
interested in what? Domesticity and sculpting
working on what? Studio space
staying how long at Kaus Australis? 6 months, January – June
going where after? Staying in Rotterdam!
thanks to: Stipendium for young talent from the Mondriaan Fund

Name: Carlos Ramos
born where? Santiago, Chile
studied where? Universidad Finis Terrae
doing what? Mural Painting, Scale models
interested in what? Architecture and design
working on what? Architectural designs
staying how long at Kaus Australis? Almost 3 months
going where after? Live in Berlin

Name: Tim Hailand
born where? Buffalo, New York, 1965
studied where? Parsons New York
doing what? Used to paint
interested in what? Portraiture and identity
working on what? Ongoing portrait work
staying how long at Kaus Australis? 7 weeks in total
going where after? Staying in Europe through the summer,
then back to states – New York and Los Angeles