Past event: Melanchthonia


Riette Wanders
“Raven black. Shadow black. Vivid black. Black a bundle of contradictions, is the color that eludes light. It is sorrow, death: stern and cherished: the color of Coco Chanel and women in the art world. But black is also the color of Fascism. It is bad luck, the infinite cosmos, a sky without stars. The color black is intangible, being so vast and so conflicting. Black pigment is made from bones, from soot, from graphit created by the decomposition of plants deep in de soil, by the burning of wood with as little oxygen as possible.
Text by Hanne Hagenaars, PS projectspace Amsterdam 2012

Katrein Breukers
“During my residency at Kaus Australis I was working with textile and ceramics. Throughout the process of making, the created objects were submitting constantly new possibilities in how to take shape and resulted into works that suggest the potential of changing appearances. Still wall pieces can transform into performable objects or the other way around. Items, accessories and materials which were part of the making or used during the production became autonomous pieces that show the traces of my artistic process.
I am interested in the duality of spirit and matter. By combining elements that refer to voodoo, daily life and fashion culture I created sculptures that inherit a moment where the sculptures can be activated in relation to one of these aspects.¨

Kiki Lamers
¨Through the lens of my camera I am searching for the bonestructure of what surrounds me. I fold these images into paint, pushing and pulling until every stroke finds a place and the image appears transformed on the canvas before me.¨

Eckbert Lösel
“I have been painting with natural colours, for ecological reasons since 1990. I din’t want my paintings to pollute the world anymore. Instead of using industrial colours, I started to make my own pigments.
During my stay in Rotterdam I was looking for colours from the surroundings, the canal, the beach. I tried to use them for my paintings and let them be my guide in the process.
I am taking a step backwards to the beginnings of painting which gives me a freedom of mind, that comes along with the achieved distance to industry and consumption of today’s society. Both seem to allow me to look at the world from a good distance.”