Kaus Australis is happy to present the exhibition PASSENGERS spotlighting the work of our current Guest Artists, accompanied by the first ever KAUS BAND EVENT featuring four sparkling Dutch Bands. Join us for this special evening of musical and visual delight held in our hospitable, and unique location at Kaus Australis on Saturday September 26, 2015. Fresh drinks and warm food will be served.


Rebecca Farr, Carolin Kastner, Ruth Murray, Flo Perkins and Jens Stickel.

Opening reception from 17hrs.
The exhibition is open on Sunday September 27,  2015 from 12hrs  to 18hrs


Magical Preset, X-Enia, Medium and PiRoMedia.

Starts at 19:00.
!Limited Access!
Please make a reservation by sending an email to kausbandevent@gmail.com


Rebecca Farr
Los Angeles-based artist working in oil painting and mixed media on canvas, paper and wood. Her work has been focused for some time around questions of migration, with her most recent series exploring the historical legacies of Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny in America, and the activation of those legacies in our contemporary historical moment. 

Carolin Kastner
Berlin based artist focusing on lost identities in urban and social structures. Through appropriations and transformations she analyses the vanishing process and rebuilds a new space of image and word by layering fragments out of her environment.

Ruth Murray
‘The pretzel can symbolise the crossing of limbs in prayer. My work at Kaus has been using this motif to create a pretzel totem, while still delighting in its triviality. Here I’ve also given the pretzel-icon an earthy contrast with paintings of squelchy, muddied limbs in play and the suggestion of ancient votive offerings.’

Flo Perkins
‘Kaus Australis is the gift from the universe that was required to set my sails in a new direction. The experiment is on!’ 

Jens Stickel
A painter and photographer, Jens avoids the sublimity of greatness. Rather the ‘mistake’ and ‘failing’ are the impetus for his images.


Magical Preset

A four-man band from Rotterdam. Originated from the folk pop band Mondegreen, they decided to change their style and become more magical. Using casio-keyboard rhythms as a starting point, they produce an undefined mixture of electro and pop.


Solo project of Xenia Gottenkieny. She is active as an artist, photographer and musician. Collage is a red line in her work. Characterised by her emotional, powerful vocals, supported by vintage synth bleeps and other strange sounds that wind through the driving bass-drum grooves. 


Heterozygous band in which both alleles are reflected.

Rotterdam-duo consisting of guitar (Ron Sinoo) and bass (Pien Selleger) performing in combination with samples and beats. The music is best described as indie-pop. Their motto: “Find new skills, clear away the distance, innovate plug-ins, ignore the madness and try new things”