Kaus in LA

6 kaus artists take the stage at Arena 1 in Los Angeles:

Sandro Setola
Chris van Mulligen
Babette Kleijn
Wietse Eeken
Dineke van Huizen
Karin Suter

With curatorial support from Carl Berg
and financial support from CBK Rotterdam

Arena 1 Gallery is pleased to host Kaus in LA, a group exhibition centered on an ongoing residency exchange between Los Angeles and Rotterdam. The exhibition will feature six permanent artists from the Rotterdam based artist’s initiative and residency program Kaus Australis, including: Wietse Eeken, Sandro Setola, Babette Kleijn, Karin Suter, Dineke van Huizen and Chris van Mulligen.

These artists’ works will be joined by a one-room installation documenting and showing the works and or souvenirs of former Kaus Australis artists-in-residence and curators-in-residence from Los Angeles who attended the program from 2002-2016

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