Kaus Australis presents their current Artists in Residence in Hofpoort (old Shell building) during the Route du Nord 5 – 7 Juni 2015
Opening: Friday 5 June 19:00 – 22:00

Visiting Hours:
Saturday 6 June and Sunday 7 June 12.00 – 17.00 hour

Location: Shell Building, Hofplein 20, 2th floor
For more information: http://www.routedunord.nl

Route Du Nord is a yearly cultural festival in Rotterdam which presents a variety of art, music, fashion a.o. Kaus Australis is very proud to present in the high level exhibition area our current artists: Paulina Mellado, Massimo Stenta, Jens Stickel and Rowena Crowe.

Paulina Mellado (1986) is a Chilean artist currently based in Rotterdam; in her practice she questions the issues of the representation of nature –landscape, and the limits between reality and fiction that are conveyed in this subject. How we build images related to landscape, and how we position ourselves in those images are an important part of her research. In this context concepts such as: belonging and otherness, naturalism and abstraction, mimesis and camouflage, the pictorial and daily life, are recurrent themes in her practice.

Massimo Stenta (Trieste 1991) is a young artist recently graduated in Fine Arts, specializing in Painting. He is interested in the study of the material aspect of painting and its relationship to the space. He generally works on series to inspect and clarify the reason of his interest, for instance in Veli (Veils) he focused on the properties of the fabric – a semi-transparent cotton gauze. He tries to exploit this transparency and to work with light itself, seeping in through the paint.

Jens Stickel (1981), lives in Karlsruhe and Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. – Impatience. Speed. Stumble. Painting as a game and the question is: Who will win? If the painter wins the painting is bad.

Often found in the glare of a computer screen editing or animating, Australian Rowena Crowe (1973) will revisit the first medium that took her to film making; describing motion in pencil and paint. Using adapted analogue machines such as a rolodex, Rowena’s intimate devices look at what happens when we run away with our emotions. The work she made specially for the Route Du Nord show is called ‘Dot and the Tyrannosaurus’.