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About the artists:
Hailey Atkins (b. 1989 Brisbane, AUS) is a sculptural artist whose practice focuses on ways of
navigating and articulating experiences related to ‘being in-between’. Through playful
gestural and material exploration, her work expresses the sometimes funny, sometimes
gloomy, always awkward and alien feelings that result when occupying the in-between
spaces of ambivalence and ‘not-knowing’. Hailey graduated from Queensland College of Art
with a Bachelor of Fine Art with Honours (Class I) and currently lives and works in Brisbane,
Australia. ///

Rei Kakiuchi (b.1969 Osaka, Japan) graduated from Dutch Art Institute with a Master of fine
art (2013) and curretry lives and works in Rotterdam.
“ as slippery as eel, as mysterious as eel, as lithery as eel, as electrical as eel ”
At Kaus Australis, my work departs from recent research about one of the most mysterious
fish EEL. I am going to set up my studio as a bar, EEL BAR. Collections of interior are the
material that I would like to talk about with customers who drink the cocktail “Electric Eel”

Rebekka Löffler (b. 1985 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany) received her master degree at
the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karslruhe in 2012, and was a resident at the
HISK in Ghent in 2016-2017.
‘Rebekka Löffler’ s paintings are composed though diverse “space oddities” – their perspectives
shift, switch, and retract, or fluctuate and swing, sometimes blending with organic elements.
Rigorous grids indicating the third dimension suddenly intertwine with and are overlapped
by, organic or non-organic matter. Not affected by gravity, Löffler’ s pictorial space is all
about the interweaving and interlacing of a wide variety of patterns – from the fundamental
grid – a rectangular intersection between horizontal and vertical lines, to soft, lace-like
interweaving, and the most complex entanglements of matter. Some elements that resemble
recognizable objects or parts thereof are mixed with pure paint, floating within the vanishing
lines that try to frame something invisible.’ (Elena Sarokina) ///

Diana Roig (b. 1982 Argentina )
‘The mountains are mad but the spirits are with you.’
After a research trip to the jungle of Peru, Diana came back with conflicting feelings of
gratitude, impotence and a new found awareness of Western privilege. Experimenting with
materials and translating it back to large oil paintings. She has extended her stay at Kaus
Australis with three more months and will show her research project later this spring.
The residency of Diana Roig was made possible by the CBK Rotterdam.