Limbo and Taverns

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Kaus Australis cordially invites you to a special event showing our latest guest artists + Kaus Australis artists


Limbo & Taverns

Kenji Nakama (Peru)

Niko Riedinger (Germany)


Babette Kleijn
Diana Roig
Dineke van Huizen
Erik Sep
Karen van de Vliet
Margré Steensma
Wietse EekenSandro Setola

Friday January 11th
Opening reception 17-22h + afterparty
Saturday January 12th
Exhibition open 12-16h
Sunday January 13thFinissage from 13-17h
15h a fizzy bubbling New Year’s Toast!

About the Guest artists:

untitled, oil on canvas, 140x120cms, 2018untitled, oil on canvas, 140x120cms, 2018

Kenji Nakama (b.1982 in Lima, Perú) received his BA in Fine Arts at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and obtained a MFA at the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen, Netherlands in 2017. He was artist in residence at the Cité International des Arts, Paris, France.

“During my residency at  Kaus Australis, on the way to the city center, I came across a strange and yet familiar object rolling in the street. There was something appealing in the tight and loose parts of the fabric with white and blue patterns, the many wires, all bent in different ways and coming out from that thing looking like it was wandering without any clear direction. Maybe moved by an invisible force or who knows, maybe by itself.  This sublime experience caused by something so common became the starting point for a series of works based on that encounter with a broken and useless umbrella.


Niko Riedinger
was born in Germany and lives in the Netherlands. He graduated with a BFA at AKV St. Joost, Den Bosch in 2017. During his stay at Kaus Australis Niko realised a new body of works, inspired by the new environment.

“The impulse for my works originates in the systematization of our daily life and the resulting behavior, mirrored by the interplay of the conditions’ settings and surroundings. We have arrived at a demand creating construct. The existing and emerging cultures are shifting, revitalizing and  retaining all forms of humanity’s supremacy.
Painting is like mental locomotion and physical talk. A mingling of impressions, reality and facts. Heldensagen and a cut in stone, chubby descrial of my periphery. The wrung out water of a sponge. A striking, predatory dead angle, like a fictitious space towards our know-how.
While the execution of painting is a totally conscious process, I have to accept my subordinate role in order for the next stage. The Painting itself, for me, dictates what must happen next. Painting becomes like a paramilitary action, like being in trenches and carving through time and space, an energized phase transformation.”

Niko Riedinger’s residency was made possible with the kind support of the Mondriaan FondsLogo downloads NL web zwart