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Say Hello Wave Goodbye

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Kaus Australis cordially invites you to a special September event,
showing this summer’s guest artists

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Samira Hamzehzadeh (IRN)
Amanda Wolf (AUS/NZL)
Tomoko Hasuwa (JPN)
Odette Viljoen (ZAF)

with curatorial support by Piet de Jonge

Opening Saturday September 22nd 2018 16:00-22:00 + afterparty

Open Sunday September 23rd 2018     12:00-17:00

Sparkling drinks and delicious and good food will be served

About the artists:

Amanda Wolf was born in Brisbane, Australia and graduated with First Class Honours from Queensland Collage of Art in 2013.
Wolf works across handmade costumes, performance video, and soft sculpture installation to explore the heightened and often awkward experiences which shape identity. Drawing from personal narratives steeped in high emotion and grotesque physicality, she reimagines vulnerabilities and desires which surround the body, sexuality and relationships and translate them through the lens of fantasy and play. The carnivalesque strategies of humour, masking, and exaggeration guide this discussion to promote an alternative exploration of the bodily sphere grounded in colour, materiality and embodied experience. Through this rolling dialogue between the performative body and the intimacy of the handmade, Wolf aims to evoke fantasy spaces that provide avenues for storytelling, interaction, and transgression.
During her stay at Kaus Australis, Wolf has expanded on her enquiry into masking and the imaginary body. This new collection of work considers how we see ourself, how we connect to others, and the awkward process of blending in and standing out.
Odette Viljoen was born in 1984 in South Africa. Other than completing a degree in Fine Arts at the University of South Africa, she is mostly self taught.  Much of her earlier work focuses on her past experiences of the Christian religion within a male dominant environment.
Viljoen currently creates drawings and animations with an unphilosophical attitude, in which form and content are inseparable.  Her naïve and satirical imagery touches on an almost glorious and gloomy understanding of human nature.  A blend of human and animal figures exhibits different peculiarities and characteristics such as identity, fear and desire.  Her figures are a combination of dark and playful drawings, paintings, animation and sculpture.
Samira Hamzehzadeh Ahangar was born in Tehran, Iran, 1983 and
studied Painting, at the university of arts and culture, in Tehran in 2014. She has exhibited widely in Iran.
“Eyes are an important element in my life, their shape and texture form an inspiration for my paintings. They look like far away galaxies or the surface of another planet. I don’t have prepared scenarios, stories come up in my mind as I am painting or drawing.
I like to keep the audience in front of my painting and listen to their own interpretations.”
Installation view
Tomoko Hasuwa was born in Osaka, Japan.
She completed her art studies at the University of Kyoto, specialising in painting. Later she moved to Tokyo, where she currently lives and works. During her stay in Kaus she has researched the subject of light as something that varies in intensity in each country and the role this plays in our daily lives and memories. Her work consists of a series of paintings inspired by photos taken on the street where “Dutch” sunlight illuminates the scene promptly.  The use of color and distinctive use of lights in the paintings of Tomoko certainly directly capture the attention of those who look at them.