Artist Residency in Basel, July-December 2016
Deadline for application: Saturday, February 27th, 2016

Since 2002 Kaus Australis Foundation organises in cooperation with the Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam and the Atelier Mondial in Basel a residency program for visual artists. For over the last years, Rotterdam-based artists, Hidde van Schie, Sandro Setola, Ana Fernandez, Esme Valk, Lieke Snellen, Q.S. Serafijn, Babette Kleijn and this year Gil & Moti stayed in one of the guest-studios of Atelier Mondial in the city of Basel.

In November 2014, the former CMS/Iaab has transformed completely into Atelier Mondial, with 7 new build guest-studios surrounding Salon Mondial, the new project space, at a new location where art-institutes, academy, several galleries and artistic workshops are positioned together in a triangle called Dreispitz-areal, a former industrial zone nearby the city-center of Basel. Please check the new web-site to require all detail information about the program of Atelier Mondial; info and pictures of the studios are available in the menu under Ateliers, in English, German and French language:

The exchange program with Atelier Mondial enables a Rotterdam artist to spend six months in Basel, he or she can focus on new projects, get acquainted with the local art scene, and establish new contacts or deepen existing ones. The residency is non-prescriptive and process-based, allowing the visiting artist to develop projects in response to his or her new environment. During the stay an exhibition is offered in the new project space, together with other participating international guest-artists of the program. Atelier Mondial exchanges artists with about 13 different countries world-wide. A broad network of steady contacts which has developed over the last 12 years between Rotterdam and Basel, in conjunction with the welcoming guidance of the hosting organisation enables the guests to easily become familiar with the lively local and national art-scene; often leading to interesting co-operations and presentations. Basel’s central position in Europe gives the opportunity to easily visit nearby places abroad, the borders of France and Germany with Switzerland cross the city itself. Once a year Basel hosts the biggest art-fair in the world, turning the beautiful historical city at the Rhine into an international cultural platform. Throughout the year an ongoing program of cultural activities is offered within the rich collection of Museums, galleries, artists-initiatives, local and international festivals.

Please see the Basel inschrijving 2016 about how to apply, the conditions and offered facilities of this residency

Citaat Hidde van Schie, resident in 2009:
“Mijn ervaring met Basel is dat er een hechte dynamische kunstscene is van zeer internationaal georiënteerde kunstenaars die ook de kracht en noodzaak van een kwalitatieve lokale kunstactiviteit begrijpen en ondersteunen. Hoewel kunstenaars tegenwoordig veel reizen en hun werk internationaal tonen hebben zij toch een vaste thuisbasis nodig, waar zij hun werk kunnen produceren. Het interessante aan Basel is dat, hoewel het geen metropool is als Berlijn of New York, dit niets zegt over de kwaliteit van het aanbod, hoogstens iets over de kwantiteit en dat beide in Basel verassend hoog zijn.”

Quote Ana Fernandez, resident in 2010:
“Basel brought me real quality time, both culturally and socially speaking, and new contacts for further collaborations”

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Invitation True Memory Symposium at Kaus Australis

truememoryinviteKaus Australis  cordially invites you to:


December 16, 2015
6 pm Open Studios
7 – 8.15 pm Symposium

Location: Kaus Australis, Melanchtonweg 137, 3045 PN Rotterdam

Three artists in residence in conversation with two special guests from Rotterdam will discuss the history of the city, its harbour and civic memory. Topics include the changing public image of the port, the responsibility of the artist to the public and the relationship between cultural values and official historical representation.


Marly Weemen (NL) is a city guide. But she prefers the term ‘time travel guide’. She combines her expertise as designer with her knowledge of Rotterdams modern history. In her tours she shows you details you otherwise wouldn’t notice, opens up unexpected locations, tells forgotten stories and shares her personal experience as a resident. Marly organises her own tours with Timeless Rotterdam. She also works as an architectural guide at UrbanGuides and as an exhibition guide at the Kunsthal.
Eva Visser (NL) holds an MA in social history and graduated on the topic of harbour labour relations. She works as researcher and teacher at Creating 010, a research centre that studies new developments in the ‘creative industries’ and is tied to the Willem de Kooning Academy and the School for Communication, Media and Information Technology. She’s a contributor for Puntkomma – the free newspaper on art and culture in Rotterdam – since its came into being in 2013.
Mimi von Moos (CH) living and working in Basel. She works with multiple disciplines including sculpture, video, photography, drawing, writing and performance. Her practice circles around the subject matter of memory and the ways in which the world is understood, individually as well as collectively. Von Moos is concerned with the tangibility of the everyday world,  of which she intervenes with site specific installations and/or performances. Since completing her Fine Arts Master degree in 2012 in Basel, she has exhibited frequently in Germany, Switzerland and the USA. For the True Memory Symposium she will present works that have been formed by the engagement around the Rotterdam Euro Port.
Lauren Frances Adams (US) mines the histories of power, labor, and material culture to make surprising connections that resonate with current sociopolitical issues. Solo exhibitions include Back Lane West, Cornwall, UK; Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis; EXPO Chicago; and Conner Contemporary, Washington, D.C. Group exhibitions include: The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore; Contemporary Applied Arts, London; CUE Foundation, NY; Mattress Factory and the Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh.  Residencies include Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, and a Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant. Adams is the co-founder of Ortega y Gasset Projects in New York.  For the symposium, Lauren will share artworks related to labor and empire in cultural memory and civic monument.
Natalie McIlroy (SCOT) is a visual artist currently based in The Hague.  Primarily working out with the studio environment, she is inspired by people, communities, social history and ‘non art’ spaces. Working as an artist in residence in Spain, USA, Scotland and the Netherlands, McIlroy combines intuitive responses with historical ‘truths’. For the True Memory Symposium, she will discuss recent work created in response to the Wilgenstaete building; a high rise, social housing complex that is situated directly across the railway line from Kaus Australis. Built during the post war housing shortage that was deemed ‘public enemy number 1’, Wilgenstaete’s memories will be revealed throughout the evening.

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Deadline for applications AIR 2016

Deadline for Applications AIR 2016

Kaus Australis invites artists and curators from all fields, regardless of age or nationality, to apply for a residency period in the second half of 2016 (1st of July – 31st of December).

Deadline for applications: 31st January 2016

Results will be announced by the end of February 2016

Kaus Australis Foundation is an artists initiative which was set up in 1985. The Building where Kaus Australis is located provides 6 permanent studios and 4 residency studios. Kaus Australis offers artists, critics, writers and curators the opportunity of living and working in an quiet environment in the continuously developing and ever changing city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Throughout a period of 3 or 6 months, participants have the opportunity to develop their own projects and presentations.

For more information on the application procedure and available guest studios please go to the How to Apply and Guest Studios pages on our website

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Passengers and Kaus Band event


Kaus Australis is happy to present the exhibition PASSENGERS spotlighting the work of our current Guest Artists, accompanied by the first ever KAUS BAND EVENT featuring four sparkling Dutch Bands. Join us for this special evening of musical and visual delight held in our hospitable, and unique location at Kaus Australis on Saturday September 26, 2015. Fresh drinks and warm food will be served.


Rebecca Farr, Carloin Kastner, Ruth Murray, Flo Perkins and Jens Stickel.

Opening reception from 17hrs.
The exhibition is open on Sunday September 27,  2015 from 12hrs  to 18hrs


Magical Preset, X-Enia, Medium and PiRoMedia.

Starts at 19:00.
!Limited Access!
Please make a reservation by sending an email to


Rebecca Farr
Los Angeles-based artist working in oil painting and mixed media on canvas, paper and wood. Her work has been focused for some time around questions of migration, with her most recent series exploring the historical legacies of Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny in America, and the activation of those legacies in our contemporary historical moment. 
Carolin Kastner
Berlin based artist focusing on lost identities in urban and social structures. Through appropriations and transformations she analyses the vanishing process and rebuilds a new space of image and word by layering fragments out of her environment.
Ruth Murray
‘The pretzel can symbolise the crossing of limbs in prayer. My work at Kaus has been using this motif to create a pretzel totem, while still delighting in its triviality. Here I’ve also given the pretzel-icon an earthy contrast with paintings of squelchy, muddied limbs in play and the suggestion of ancient votive offerings.’
Flo Perkins
‘Kaus Australis is the gift from the universe that was required to set my sails in a new direction. The experiment is on!’ 
Jens Stickel
A painter and photographer, Jens avoids the sublimity of greatness. Rather the ‘mistake’ and ‘failing’ are the impetus for his images.


A four-man band from Rotterdam. Originated from the folk pop band Mondegreen, they decided to change their style and become more magical. Using casio-keyboard rhythms as a starting point, they produce an undefined mixture of electro and pop.
Solo project of Xenia Gottenkieny. She is active as an artist, photographer and musician. Collage is a red line in her work. Characterised by her emotional, powerful vocals, supported by vintage synth bleeps and other strange sounds that wind through the driving bass-drum grooves. 
Heterozygous band in which both alleles are reflected.
Rotterdam-duo consisting of guitar (Ron Sinoo) and bass (Pien Selleger) performing in combination with samples and beats. The music is best described as indie-pop. Their motto: “Find new skills, clear away the distance, innovate plug-ins, ignore the madness and try new things”
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OPEN CALL: Kaus Band Event


Saturday 26th September we are organizing for the first time the KAUS BAND EVENT.

4 Bands are invited to play at the artist initiatief Kaus Australis. By organizing this evening we would like to bring unknown bands in contact with an audience and each other. An informal event with beers and french fries.

Are you playing in a band and would you like to perform during the KAUS BAND EVENT ?

Send us your recording and clearly stated contact details  before saturday 15th August.

The recording doesn’t need to be studio quality, a live recording or a rehearsal recording will do fine. We will make a nice selection.

For more information, call or e-mail us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Lieke Snellen: 06 48 69 21 60
Michiel Mos: 06 41 85 71 49

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Open studios this sunday the 28th of June at Kaus Australis 3-7 pm

open studio JUNE

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Kaus Australis @ Route Du Nord 2015

rdn14_logo Kaus Australis presents their current Artist in Residence in Hofpoort (old Shell building) during the Route du Nord 5 – 7 Juni 2015

Opening: Friday 5 June 19:00 – 22:00

Visiting Hours:
Saturday 6 June and Sunday 7 June 12.00 – 17.00 hour

Location: Shell Building, Hofplein 20, 2th floor
For more information:

Route Du Nord is a yearly cultural festival in Rotterdam which presents a variety of art, music, fashion a.o.  Kaus Australis is very proud to present in the high level exhibition area our current artists: Paulina Mellado, Massimo Stenta, Jens Stickel and Rowena Crowe.

Paulina Mellado (1986) is a Chilean artist currently based in Rotterdam; in her practice she questions the issues of the representation of nature –landscape, and the limits between reality and fiction that are conveyed in this subject. How we build images related to landscape, and how we position ourselves in those images are an important part of her research. In this context concepts such as: belonging and otherness, naturalism and abstraction, mimesis and camouflage, the pictorial and daily life, are recurrent themes in her practice.

Massimo Stenta (Trieste 1991) is a young artist recently graduated in Fine Arts, specializing in Painting. He is interested in the study of the material aspect of painting and its relationship to the space. He generally works on series to inspect and clarify the reason of his interest, for instance in Veli (Veils) he focused on the properties of the fabric – a semi-transparent cotton gauze. He tries to exploit this transparency and to work with light itself, seeping in through the paint.

Jens Stickel (1981), lives in Karlsruhe and Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. – Impatience. Speed. Stumble. Painting as a game and the question is: Who will win? If the painter wins the painting is bad.

Often found in the glare of a computer screen editing or animating, Australian Rowena Crowe (1973) will revisit the first medium that took her to film making; describing motion in pencil and paint. Using adapted analogue machines such as a rolodex, Rowena’s intimate devices look at what happens when we run away with our emotions. The work she made specially for the Route Du Nord show is called ‘Dot and the Tyrannosaurus’.

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Artist talk & Open Studio Petra Spielhagen 24th of May

Kaus Australis kindly invites you to the Open Studio & Artist Talk by


Date: Sunday May 24th 2015
Open Studio from 2pm to 5pm
Artist Talk at 4pm
Venue: Kaus AustralisMelanchthonweg 137, 3045PN Rotterdam


orange_glowing  – a photo-project about Westland at night.

‘Westland interests me as a very particular cultural landscape, formed by highly technologized agribusiness with the aim to supply fresh vegetables, plants and flowers to broad parts of Europe. Large parts of this growing utopia has been realised through these technologies of all season production. Artificial lighting is a key technology to do this, giving rise to faster growing plants. Permanent orange luminescence emerges from the serried ranks of greenhouses. The nightscape with it’s special rhythm of production is characterized by this particular orange glowing.

This project follows a series of photographs Land (Kreis Borken) – country (district of Borken) about intensive and industrialized farming in the districts of Borken,  Münster and North Rhine-Westphalia.

In my work I address public space and landscape; and especially what  occurs there. Therefore my work is in series photography, interventions and installations.’
PETRA SPIELHAGEN studied visual arts and stage design at Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee.
Exhibitions: Minneapolis, Minnesota; Festival der Regionen Linz; nGbK, Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst; Marseille. Prices, grants, residences: otte 1 künstlerhaus, Eckernförde; Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schöppingen;Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojektart ITSenate of Cultural AffairsMax-Planck-Gesellschaft for Wanderndes Lichtfeld –  Fritz-Haber-Institut (1st price), Berlin; project grant DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst; Festival Hotel Neustadt, Halle.

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Deadline for Applications AIR 2016

Kaus Australis invites artists and curators from all fields, regardless of age or nationality, to apply for a residency period in the first half of 2016 (1st of January – 31st of June).

Deadline for applications: 1 July 2015

Results will be announced by the end of September 2015

Kaus Australis Foundation is an artists initiative which was set up in 1985. The Building where Kaus Australis is located provides 6 permanent studios and 4 residency studios. Kaus Australis offers artists, critics, writers and curators the opportunity of living and working in an quiet environment in the continuously developing and ever changing city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Throughout a period of 3 or 6 months, participants have the opportunity to develop their own projects and presentations.

For more information on the application procedure and available guest studios please go to the How to Apply and Guest Studios pages on our website

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Musical and culinary Fado-night at Kaus Australis-SOLD OUT


A new musical and culinary night

@ Kaus Australis

Friday May 22nd, 18.30 hrs


Enjoying live Fado, good food and wine in a unique setting surrounded by art. That’s what this is all about!

Join us for this special event of musical and culinary delight on Friday May 22nd at 18.30 hrs, held in the beautiful, hospitable, and unique kitchen of Kaus Australis in Rotterdam.

The Portuguese singer Magda Mendes (Luzazul) and guitarist Ward Veenstra create small oases of tranquility in the city. In places where usually clamor and tumult dominate they play the Fado in a penetrating, delicate way. They are convinced that an authentic setting matches the unpretentiousness of Fado and the fact that it is a musical genre for everyone. Mendes and Veenstra present traditional Fado and their own compositions.

From 17 April to 23 May Mendes & Veenstra are touring 13 locations in all the major neighbourhoods of Rotterdam. For the occasion the locations found are turned into a Fado club for one night: a festive night spot with food and drink, but also a place to give voice to the emotions of life.

Founded in 1985 Kaus Australis is still organized by a collective of artists. Overall objective is to enable the development, practice and public interest in the arts in an international context. In particular, Kaus Australis strives to create an exchange process by realizing guest studios, exhibitions and presentations in its generous industrial space. Local and international artists and curators who wish to work for a certain period in Rotterdam can make use of its facilities.

Chef Barbara van Oo and Artist Karin Suter will prepare a sumptuous three-course dinner. Barbara is well-known for her cooking skills at Restaurant Zinc and ‘La Table de Barbara’, her home restaurant where she cooks every 2 months a 4-course meal with accompanying wines. It’s about enjoying good food with both acquaintances and strangers in a friendly environment. Karin Suter, visual artist with Swiss roots stranded in Rotterdam, is active in the organization of Kaus Australis where she also has her studio . She has been working at Restaurant Zinc preferably preparing delicious dessert creations as well as a hostess with an affinity for exciting wine food combinations, since 2009.

The Menu is fusion of traditional Portugese and modern Dutch cuisine with of course its French and Swiss influences, using mainly local and seasonal ingredients. With it will be served exquisite wines that have been carefully selected to accompany the food.

Both before and after dinner you can enjoy a private tour through the (guest) artist’s studios currently residing at Kaus Australis.

Please make your reservations by Wednesday May 20th 2015 at studio@kausaustralis.orgmentioning your name and the number of people in your company, adding if you or anyone of your company is not eating meat and/or fish/seafood or is having any food allergy …or call Karin on 0633319931

Dinner: 3 courses incl. coffee or tea

Date: May 22nd 2015, 18.30 hrs

Venue: Stichting Kaus Australis, Melanchthonweg 137, 3045PN Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

Price: € 27.– incl. music; excl. wine and spirtits


If you just like to listen to the music and enjoy a drink at the bar be aware that we only have a limited number of bar seats. Entrance € 10.—

Bike 15 minutes from Rotterdam Central Station. Public Transport: Tram 25 in direction Schiebroek or Metro E in direction Den Haag Centraal, Stop: Melanchthonweg. Free parking.

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