Don’t you eat that yellow snow

Stichting Kaus Australis en Andreas von Ow nodigen u hartelijk uit voor:

Opening: Saturday 4-10-2014  at 15:00 till…..

Exhibition also open on Sunday 5-10-2014 from 15:00 till 19:00

Andreas von Ow ’s colors are chosen from the materials he encounters in his surroundings.  The environment itself becomes the materials, this then becomes pigments, then becomes monochrome images. This placement forms new correlations. Causal relationships drive the decision to use this or that colour at this or that place and at this or that time. Within the process of painting, the materials reveal themselves in many layers on the picture plane. For example the artist may use his vacuum cleaner on a particular place and use the contents of the vacuum cleaner’s bag for the painting on the wall.

The same happens with video images.  Captured video material, along with the editing and the manner of presentation influence the image and its color. These are therefore equally involved in the process of becoming image.

The origin of the material (including film material) is indicated in the names of the works, but this remains secondary for the artist.  The primary focus is the painting (or video) image itself (including the presentation). From the beginning, the main emphasis is always sensuous perception.

Andreas von Ow, born 1981 in Freiburg (GER), lives and works in Berlin and currently in Rotterdam.

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U bent van harte uitgenodigd voor de presentatie van Efy Zeniou. Ter gelegenheid hiervan verzorgd Kaus Australis een bijzondere maaltijd. Als u verzekerd wil zijn van deelname aan deze maaltijd, graag uw reservering via Wij verheugen ons op uw komst.

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Opening: “We Love L.A.” zaterdag 24 Mei

Kaus Australis & Carl Berg hebben het genoegen u uit te nodigen voor de opening van:


Op Zaterdag 24 Mei vanaf 17:00

met hapjes en drankjes

Expositie verder nog te bezoeken op Zondag 25 Mei van 13:00 tot 18:00

Deelnemende kunstenaars:

Kirelyn Barber • Carl Berg • Barbara Berk • James Buss • Neha Choksi • Ichiro Irie Gegam Kacherian • Virginia Katz • Matthew May • Jared Millar • Cecilia Miniucchi Donnie Molls • Jamie Russom • Devon Tsuno • Patricia Smith

Kaus Australis en curator-kunstenaar Carl Berg werken al meer dan een decennium samen en via deze samenwerking hebben reeds meer dan 50 kunstenaars uit LA een residency in Kaus Australis gedaan. Om deze fantastische relatie te vieren, willen wij u uitnodigen voor een expositie in Kaus Australis met zeer divers doch intrigerend werk van 13 kunstenaars uit LA en 1 gastkunstenaar uit New York (Patricia Smith).  De expositie zal plaatsvinden in de gastateliers van de huidige artists-in-residence, Virginia Katz en Patricia Smith.

Als vervolg op deze waardevolle culturele uitwisseling zullen volgend jaar (2015) de vaste kunstenaars van Kaus Australis exposeren in Los Angeles.

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head stands

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Opening: “Reading A Wave” 20 September

Kaus Australis nodigt u graag uit voor de opening van:
20 – 22 December 2014
+ Scherptetraining, BABETTE KLEIJN (NL)
Opening: Vrijdag 20 December, 7 PM – 2 AM
+ Party met WOES & MASSIVE
Openingstijden:Zaterdag 21 & Zondag 22 December 12 PM – 5 PM
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Opening: Gastarbeit

Michael Winkler: FORMS OF LANGUAGE  – process-based paintings of abstract forms map the choices made by our cultural ancestors when they created the spelling of our words.

The paintings are created using a rigorous process which enables the spelling of words to be treated as instructions for generating abstract forms – choices of spelling made by our ancestors when they created the signs for our words plot the drawing of the forms. Since the spelling of English words was not devised according to a plan, it constitutes a collective set of innately driven choices made in the context of a desire to express senses of meaning.

Paola Alborghetti: I define my work as the unwitting source of wonderful accidents. The process of creation is starting  from what nature and humans bring in a citation, like tracks, signs, footprints. From them I make my paintings.

I like to move „inside the materials“, the forms, find new ones, cancel things, print drawings, cover them, print new again. The subject of my paintings is the process itself, everything else is a pretext, a piece of memory.

In all, there is a trace, a sign left.

Trace is a genuine element, silent, like the spontaneity and imagination.

In my work I keep myself continually making “real/active” work while always discovering  something new under the structures – again putting something away, placing new lines, imagining figures or maybe only shadows, letters, elements connected to the human presence.

Representation in my pictures takes place where the wonder is starting and where the imagination has a large space. That means for me, a big opportunity to express the fascination of the „unknown“, instilling an excitement to step further.

Eckehard Fuchs’s subjects hover between memory, imagination and the impressions left on our subconscious. Drawing from the aesthetic of Roman and Gothic sculpture, Italian  Renaissance and German Expressionism, he creates visual tales populated with characters portraying the human condition of longing, isolation, suffering and despair. At times, combining a subtle palette with expressive, garish colors, his paintings merely describe a de facto reality, but rather navigate the viewer through a psychological landscape enabling a glimpse through the window of the soul.

Elise Lai: My works are always about a kind of living mode. In a general sense, they’re about touches, intimacies and trivia in the everyday banal routine of personal habits and mundane chores. I’m interested in the residues of everyday life, always wondering about what is left behind after these experiences have taken place—the emotional and physical changes to the perceived environment, the feelings which remain, and the material effects like the lingering smells, etc. I’m fascinated by what these residues can be, what they can evoke. As an artist and a human being who is interested in such things, my approach to life and my creation of art are arranged accordingly.

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Opening Out of the Blue

proudly presents:

September 26th – 29th 2013
with Guest Artists
Opening reception on Thursday September 26th, 6pm.
The exhibition is open Sept. 7th to 29th 2013 daily 2pm to 6pm or by appointment:

Nicolas Gullotta presents a work in
progress about the human magnetic
field. As part of this search, the artist
offers the public an opportunity to
explore the idea of a potential
magnetic field through engaging an
object with the body.

Renee van der Stelt’s site drawings
mark time through the trace of
morning light and evening shadows.
Scored and folded pages respond to
the found shadows. Videos record
transient movements of lines on land.
A set of twelve drawings depict a grid
of over one million (1/16”) white
squares. The squares might serve to
visually depict nearly half the number
of prisoners currently in the U.S.
correctional system, or may correlate
to the current number refugees displaced by the Syrian civil war. An audio
recording of the lines drawn for this project connotes ocean waves on a shoreline.

Matthias Huber about his work:
In my paintings I try to forget ways
and places that I have already known.
I hope for necessities. I stop. Some
decisions make me feel
uncomfortable. I try to obstruct
myself. I compose. I practice. Each
and every one of my paintings is
fighting for a position next to my own
pictures and all the images I know. I
look at the pictures and deem to find
one better than the other.

KAUS AUSTRALIS is a public platform that focuses on supplying studios for artists-inresidence, stimulates collaborations, and initiates small and large scale exhibitions and
presentations. These activities are developed and realised together with individual or
collective working artists and/or curators, with comparable organisations and art institutes.

Contact: Stichting Kaus Australis Melanchthonweg 137 3045 PN Rotterdam
mail to: studio(at)
phone +31 (0) 102180732

15 mins bike ride north of Rotterdam Centraal direction Schiebroek or alternatively metrostop/
tram-stop Melanchthonweg.

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Opening:”THIS IS OKAY” in Kaus Australis 22 Augustus

Kaus Australis nodigt u bij deze uit voor de opening van “THIS IS OKAY”, een presentatie van werk van huidige artists in Residence.

De opening vindt plaats op donderdag 22 Augustus vanaf 18:00

Uiteraard met Bier, Bijn en Barbecue..

Deelnemende kunstenaars:

Merdedes Irisarri (Argentina)

Nicolas Gullota (Argentina)

Matthew Mcconville (USA)

Katherine Macbride (Scotland)

Chloe Wigsnes (Norway)

Nicolas Ponton (Argentina)

Het werk zal nog te zien zijn tot vrijdagavond de 23e Augustus of op afspraak.

Hopende u allen as donderdag te zien,

Kaus Australis

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Opening: Way Back into love

Kaus Australis heeft het genoegen u uit te nodigen voor de opening van:


Opening op Vrijdag 22 Maart 2013 om 18:00

Elliot Berard
Lasse van den Bosch Christensen
Andreas Floxner
Clara Gesang-Gottowt
Samantha Louise Michel
Helena Wallberg

Tales are meaningless impressions, a jumble of colours and traces on yourhands. Tales are the jumble of the colours and the hand full of traces.

Tales are not completed in any material aspect; in bones, in A4s, in plastic cups, in shoelaces or in the weight of the projector.

The tale is not the sum of its parts, but it is a high tower.

Tales are that which hits you between the measure, the weight, the seconds and the distant noise. The tale is a weightless hit in seconds of play.

The tale is the pace in that which is told. To follow the tale is to be coloured by the rhythm of its parts, as a telling is, in seconds, forming the cup.

Tales are not the plastic cupness or that which the cup contains. The tale breaks out from the cup and the cup breaks.

The tale estranges that which makes up its whole, learning that the limits are not the weight, not the lacing.

Andreas Floxner

Opening Friday 22 maart 2013

Open 23 – 24 Maart 2013

Of op afspraak:
25-28 Maart 2013

Kaus Australis Melanchtonweg 1373045 PN Rotterdam Nederland

15 min. fietsen noordelijk van Rotterdam Centraal of metro/sneltramhalte Melanchtonweg

Check dit event op Facebook:

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Open studios bij Kaus Australis as zaterdag en zondag de 24e en 25e November van 12:00-18:00

De volgende kunstenaars openen hun ateliers voor publiek:

-Sandro Setola (NL) ( http// )

-Signe-Lill (Norway) (

-Lauren Pelc-McArthur  (Canada) (

-Brianna Lowe (Canada)  (

-Andreas Floxner (Sweden) (

-Helena Wallberg (Sweden) ( )

-Selin Yurdakul en Sahin Özbay (Turkey) (

-Chris van Mulligen(NL) (

-Dineke van Huizen (NL) (

U bent allen zeer welkom!

Melanchtonweg 137 3045 PN Rotterdam

Kaus is ook op facebook!

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